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About Noida School of Rock

Welcome note from the director

Welcome to Noida School of Rock!!!!!!

If you were to walk down the rooms of our school at various times of the day you would experience a mix of sounds and voices that might include:

  • One of our rock bands
  • An academic class
  • A concert rehearsal
  • Individual instruction
  • Practicing students
  • Budding musicians jamming

This is a place of music making, where students are engaged and supported by an experienced and versatile academic faculty.We offer an array of music within an innovative environment, we seek to nurture the students innate passion for music. Our goal is to train the musician to an advanced specialist in the chosen area of music- within the context of a well rounded understanding of music. We also provide experiential learning opportunities as a path to career success.
In this newly designed website we endeavour to provide the information necessary to answer the most frequently asked questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Anmol Rai
ATCL, Trinity College of Music, UK

Why NSR?

Our unrivalled track record :

  • 100% success in Trinity and Rock School Exams for three consecutive years.
  • Highest number of Toppers from DELHI and NCR during these exams.
  • Most of the students from NSR are part of their respective school bands.
  • Trained teachers and working professionals:
  • Great players, great communicators, the best in the business.
  • Individual classes in all the areas.
  • High quality equipments.
  • We use the best gear from top manufactures.
  • Concerts and Gigs: We organize the most number of gigs than any other school for our students.
  • Our credibility your guarantee
  • Our reputation is second to none.