Western Classical Keyboards, Drums - Musical Instruments , Violin Lessons in Delhi/NCR, Electric Guitars Services In Noida, India

At NSR, we not only teach how to play the instrument but we teach students to be star performers on stage

Contemporary | Western Classical | Bass

We train students on various styles of music including rock, blues, jazz. All the courses are certified courses, each level taking a year.

Course Outline


At this level we start with the acoustic guitar

> Correct way of holding the guitar
> Notes on the fretboard
> Tuning your guitar
> Basic rudiments and theory
> Open chords (major and minor)
> Strum simple rhythm patterns and well known songs
> Effectively switch from chord to chord
> Major and minor Scales
> Finger style playing
> How to incorporate finger style playing with songs with tons of  examples and exercises.
> Term-end exams. ( Rock School exams)
> Term-end.


> Major and minor barre chords.
> Power chords (5th chords)
> How to use these chords everywhere on the fretboard.
> Learn to read music (staff and tab).
> Palm muting and electric guitar controlling techniques.
> Scales (pentatonic, blues minor scales) and Arpeggios.
> Solos of some songs.
> Finger exercises ( Bending, Hammer-ons, pull offs)
> Chord progression and degrees of scales.
> Relative chords and its uses.
> Learn how songs are structured.
> Term-end exams. ( Rock School exams)
> Term-end


> The pentatonic scales in all positions.
> Phrases and licks with tons of examples.
> Seeing the whole fretboard to improvise with.
> Modes and their usage
> Techinques of jamming
> Term-end exams. ( Rock School exams)
> Term-end.

Western Classical Guitar

> Correct way of holding the guitar.
> Notes on the fretboard.
> Tuning
> Finger style picking (pima)
> Staff Reading (compulsory)
> Studying of various guitar repertoires.
> Sight reading techniques.


> Correct way of holding the guitar.
> Notes on the fretboard.
> Tuning.
> Right and left hand techniques.
> Covering some popular songs.
> Scales
> And more scales!!
> Jamming and its concepts.
> Bass slaps and pops.
> Term-end exams (Rock school)erm-end exams (Trinity and Royal school)
> Term-end.