Contemporary | Western Classical | Bass Guitar

We train students on various styles of music including rock, blues, jazz. All the courses are certified courses, each level taking a year.


Course Outline


Correct way of holding the guitar

Notes on the fretboard

Tuning your guitar

Basic rudiments and theory

Open chords (major and minor)

Strum simple rhythm patterns and well known songs

Effectively switch from chord to chord

Major and minor Scales

Finger style playing

How to incorporate finger style playing with songs with tons of examples and exercises.

Term-end exams. 



Major and minor barre chords.

Power chords (5th chords)

How to use these chords everywhere on the fretboard.

Learn to read music (staff and tab).

Palm muting and electric guitar controlling techniques.

Scales (pentatonic, blues minor scales) and Arpeggios.

Solos of some songs.

Finger exercises ( Bending, Hammer-ons, pull offs)

Chord progression and degrees of scales.

Relative chords and its uses.

Learn how songs are structured.

Term-end exams. ( Rock School exams)




The pentatonic scales in all positions.

Phrases and licks with tons of examples.

Seeing the whole fretboard to improvise with.

Modes and their usage

Techinques of jamming

Term-end exams. ( Rock School exams)


Western Classical Guitar

Correct way of holding the guitar.

Notes on the fretboard.


Finger style picking (pima)

Staff Reading (compulsory)

Studying of various guitar repertoires.

Sight reading techniques.

Term-End Exams.


Bass Guitar

Correct way of holding the guitar.

Notes on the fretboard.


Right and left hand techniques.

Covering some popular songs.


And more scales!!

Jamming and its concepts.

Bass slaps and pops.

Term-end exams (Rock school)erm-end exams (Trinity and Royal school)